A Shout Out To My People (Being in touch in the final days of COETAIL…)

(Disclaimer – if you’re even remotely considering ever trying out badging as a project with your learners, you will be hard pressed to find as much inspiration as the links and shoutouts in this post will give. I give mad and total props to all my people, and hope that this post not only anchors all of my many resources for MY future reference, but can be a great starting place for anyone interested in having a go with badges as well….)

I won’t be lying when I say that, as soon as this COETAIL course is done, I’ll probably be much better at communicating than I am now.

To be honest, I love Twitter. It’s third on my list after Facebook (my guiltiest pleasure, and means of keeping up with current events/world news/interesting posts which keep me connected to family and friends) and Pinterest (where the inspiration for my life comes from), but the three, all of them, are vortexes for me. Just honestly black holes in which I get sucked for hours at a time (and don’t even get me started on #4 – YouTube). By the time I get home, put a kiddo to bed, finish the chores, and take a bit of time for myself (see #1 and #2 on the list), Twitter has lost it’s appeal, by the mere fact that I can’t give any more hours or energy. And so, the procrastination cycle goes on and on – I don’t begin Twitter (or diving into the COETAIL blogworld, for that matter) because I know I’ll get so involved that I just can’t stop. As much as I want to connect, connect, connect through Twitter, I feel so overwhelmed by all there is to learn and take in, that sometimes I don’t have the courage to even begin.

I’ve stayed true to that in the last weeks too, and although a HUGE element of this final course is through community engagement, I’ve not spent a lot of time finding that on Twitter for the mere fact stated above. Here and there, yes; I’ve connected with Yolanda (again) who is also badging and hooked me up with Brad Flickinger and the hashtag #edbadges. I reached out to Barb Middleton, and was able to use a fair bit from posts and links on her blog as well. But other than that, I’ve been a lurker, and a mediocre one at that.

The start of a great partnership with Leah.

The start of a great partnership with Leah.

That’s not to say I haven’t reached out and taken ahold of inspiration from elsewhere… Leah Bortolin has been my biggest treasure – we’ve started a thread of emails back and forth to share badging (for me) and curriculum (for her); it’s a win:win because we can both offer something to the other. Leah recently shared her Exhibition badging work from her COETAIL Course 5 final, and I see it as the perfect next step, not only taking the students’ research skills further, preparing for exhibition, but also taking my physical badging to the digital level, so I am immensely thankful to her for, what are sure to be, my next steps.

Suzy Ramsden responded to my recent blog post, sharing her interest in badging (in the eventual) and I look forward to sharing new ideas with her once our Final Projects are finished and we can breathe a little more easily. Through a bit of searching in linked blogs, I came across Emily Kosmeck’s beatiful COETAIL blog, which also shares a final badging project. What I love the most about this were her super simple rubrics to go with each badge – I’ve created a rubric for my badges as well, but the simplicity and colors she’s used will stick with me as I move forward on this journey.

As always, Verena, my COETAIL buddy has inspired me to look at Jeff’s Google Ninja project, which I’m a little embarassed to say I didn’t look at more closely earlier, and with this great tip and resource I can go confidently forward with ideas in the digitalization of this project. My BIS technology coordinator Kim is inspiring badging on her campus through digital citizenship, a project she’s been working on with the Common Sense Media curriculum- it’s physical badging too, but I’m glad to have her on the badging boat with me.

Finding inspiration outside of COETAIL too.

Finding inspiration outside of COETAIL too.

Last, but definitely not least (and completely COETAIL-unrelated) is the library ListServe out of Syracuse University which I’ve recently joined. This resource has proved to be the most fruitful new way of communicating with librarians for me. Again, not COETAIL related, but a new cohort, tribe, and group of librarians from whom I receive a heap of emails each day with fantastic questions and resources. Although I only joined a couple of months ago, I was also able to search the archives to find two librarians who had attempted badging in the library and picked their brains regarding their work. Additionally, I reached out to the community to ask about badging, and of the 12 replies I received, 11 were curious requests for more information about badging, which tells me I might be on to something bigger here.

And thus, when I’m done, I will have just begun….

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  1. Rebekah Madrid

    LOve it! What a great bunch of people and a really strong reflection about how community can make a good idea even better!


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