The Profile of a Modern Teacher

The Profile of a Modern Teacher

One of the greatest misconceptions in education today is that certain teachers have a higher natural aptitude in technology than others. This inspirationalgraphic sets out to disprove that notion and remind the audience that external skills are only a function of the internal dispositions that allowed them to grow. Printable PDF

CARP Infographic for Elementary

CARP Visual Design Principles for Elementary Students

When looking around, I noticed that there were a few teaching resources for the CRAP/CARP design principles (contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity), but most of them were made for middle and high school students. I therefore created a poster intended for elementary students, although it probably can be used by any age. I think it’s…

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SAMR: Redefining Redefinition

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop called Transforming Your Classroom, facilitated by Kim Cofino. If you haven’t had a chance yet to attend a workshop given by Kim, I highly recommend it. She is a world leader in helping teachers expand innovative practice in modern learning and everyone should…

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Elementary Blogging: To Force, Or Not To Force

There seem to be wide-ranging opinions on when and how students should blog as part of their learning. In one camp are the proponents of blogging by choice. These educators advocate that students should not be made to blog because it’s not authentic. Forced blogging is like forced reflection—empty and devoid of meaning. They believe that…