Do I Need to Date Again?

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I’m not gonna lie – like a friend of mine always says – : Teaching and education is my passion. It’s now almost 3 month since I stopped working mid of December at BIS in Munich/Germany. I love being in classroom with the students and I love to exchange ideas and thoughts about teaching and learning. I miss it. I’m not gonna lie. Continue reading

ChatterPix for Kids – Great app for recording students learning!

Since I’m working in the library I love the fact that I get to know new books from different countries and cultures. As a German I grew up with German children’s literature and I feel familiar with that part of the world. Due to this fact I try to take the chance as often as possible to let the students tell me about children’s books from other parts of the world.

For this context I found a very interesting app for the iPhone or the iPad. It’s called ChatterPix Kids by Duck Duck Moose.

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Twitter – No thanks!


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Since I’m using Twitter, other social media and tools like Flipboard for professional development and I’m experiencing the amazing benefits of it for my professional life I wish to use Twitter in school with/for students and the whole school community as well. Somebody said that the focus at school isn’t only content and concepts it’s more and more the fact that we are living in a connected world. Twitter, other social media, and so many other tools allow us to connect and collaborate with others in order to learn, to create, to invent, so solve problems, to support each other and a lot more.  Continue reading

Information Literacy – Pushing my own limits


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It has been an very exciting start of the new school year and my new job as a Library Media Specialist. Thanks to Coetail and supportive colleagues as well as understanding leadership the school created a new position for me. I’m very thankful for the chance to build the library as a fun place to be. Joyce Valenza put her vision in her Manifesto for 21st Century Teacher Librarians very well in words and I can only support this:

You understand that library is not just a place to get stuff, it is a place to make stuff, collaborate on and share stuff. Not a grocery store, but a kitchen!

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A Way to be a more Proficient Reader Online

Over the last several years I’m observing a change of my reading habits. I read more online than printed material. Often I’m rather clicking through a webpage than sticking to a text and read it from the beginning to the end. For professional purpose I read more nonfiction material online than ever. Sometimes I have the feeling that I read a lot but what did I get out of it? Where is the action? Do you know the feeling not to be that proficient anymore?  Continue reading