Madison Summer Daze

Summer Daze Infographics: Building Independence & Agency @ Home

Every weekend, one of my daughters wakes me up early, 5 AM early, to ask me if they can play.  And every weekend, I...
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Leave Unstructured Play Unstructured, Please

  In a conversation about homework and unstructured play, we find an assumption that unstructured play happens outdoors. What about children who live in apartments?...

Yes or No is the Wrong Question

We were posed a question.  Yes or No?  Defend it. We defended it.  Die hard defended it.  To the point of emotive words and...
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Did we forget the Why behind unit design?

We fooled ourselves. Created a false narrative.  Told ourselves that if we wrote Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings, planned assessment using a GRASP framework...
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What about the Scenic Route?

Wiggins and McTighe use a brilliant airplane metaphor to address the need for planning. They state that when a pilot wants to fly to...
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For years I have scored off the chart as an introvert. I’ve taken the official MBTI three times at three very different points in...
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Storytelling Quests

Excited to be presenting a shortened version of our Digital Storytelling Quests at the ISTE DSN Playground this month. Check out the original webinar...
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Coach as Change Agent

Excited for ISG to be featured on coaching guru Stephen Barkley’s blog… Coach as Change Agent  
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Learning not Evaluation

We’ve embraced learning walks as a tool to build collaborative culture, learn and grow together, share practice and reflect.  Beginning with literacy, we have...
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My latest love…infographics.  Here’s my first attempt with many more to come!