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    Amplify with a video

      https://youtu.be/-lmqIYU0T9w   A video can have a real power of amplification. However, in order to really amplify and develop an effective communication, there are a certain number of parameters to pay attention to. One of th
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    Sneaking up on YouTube

    This post is in reference to a flipped classroom YouTube channel I proposed a couple months ago. I'm excited, I'm intimidated, I'm having trouble breathing over here, folks. Can flipping and extending the skills-based learning "from class time to
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    Video + Games (Based Learning)

    Hey folks! Following on with a previous post on challenge based learning in the PYP curriculum, I decided I'd tackle Games-based learning next. Perhaps unfortunately for me (or at least my COETAIL deadlines), I was also thinking about my upcoming
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    Channel Change: A flipped classroom for technology skills?

    (COETAIL Course 5 Project Proposal) Hey folks, I’d like to share a little project idea with you. I've been thinking hard about what strengths I bring my classroom and how students respond to the lessons we do at school. How might I leverage t
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    The Unparalleled Power of Talking Circles

    “[I]f I had to name the most important discovery of my life, it would be the portable community of talking circles; groups that gather with all five senses, and allow consciousness to change.” –Gloria Steinem This is one of the myriad memora
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    Anything TV

    Every kid these days can rhyme off their favorite YouTube stars at the drop of a dime! NigaHiga, Miranda Sings, Sky Does Minecraft, PewDie Pie and Rosanna Pansino and her Nerdy Nummies are just a few that prove YouTubers can make up shows about a
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    Tell A New Story

    These days it couldn’t be any easier to share a story with the world. Yet, we must ask ourselves, why is it important to share our stories with others? In 2014, at least 300 hours of new videos were uploaded to YouTube every minute, and I would ima