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    Back to school night revamped (Course 3 Final)

    After all the readings and learning about designing a good presentation, I decided early on that my final project was going to be redoing my back to school night presentation (This was fresh on my mind from the most recent back to school night in ear
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    Thoughts on infographics and visual note taking

    Infographics seem to be everywhere. I had just finished watching the presidential debate and before it even ended, I noticed different infographics displayed that listed several facts, key information, and data  about the debate. Even though I liste
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    Making Thinking Visual

    After going through the first 2 courses of COETAIL, I already knew visuals help get a point across.  I did not realize how much information I would be willing to read until I looked at the awesome infographics on Good. I read about things that would
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      flickr photo shared by PointRaiser under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license   Hi, I have been waiting since the beginning of course 3 for infographic week. Infographics are always something I have been interested since starting th
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    Too Much of a Good Thing

    With each week's reading and assignment I thought, "Yeah, I'm gonna do this for my final project!" So it has been hard for me to focus on one thing. My head has been working on lots of ideas for final projects in the background. Idea #1 I had w
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    Trying to Balance Info and Graphics with Students

    Since the start of this course I have been eager to get my teeth into infographics. For me, they are always going to be more appealing than many other communication mediums because they just look, well..fun! I love the mix of graphics, colours and fa