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    Fit for the future

    As I go through the readings that were provided for this Unit, I found the one goals that all the types of learning presented (Project-Based Learning, Challenge-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning) are trying to achieve for our students. That is,
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    Paint Chips and Oceans: Metaphors for the SAMR Model

    Reading both Michelle Beard as well as Maggie Hos-McGrane's posts about their reflections of the SAMR model and how they both used the model to help reflect upon the ways they each integrate technology with their students made me consider the ways
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    Technology Integration Evaluation

    I'm lucky enough to be in that age group that grew up with technology. I don't mean with an iPad in my hand. I mean technology and I grew up together. I remember when we got our first VCR, home gaming console (ColecoVision), Computer (Thank you PCjr)
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    Categories & Tags Glossary

    "Words Are Important was my favourite lesson in Primary School. I loved learning about words and their meanings. Vocabulary is a beautiful word in itself and gives people the power to express themselves." Digging Out of a Digital Hole's Category W
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    Video + Games (Based Learning)

    Hey folks! Following on with a previous post on challenge based learning in the PYP curriculum, I decided I'd tackle Games-based learning next. Perhaps unfortunately for me (or at least my COETAIL deadlines), I was also thinking about my upcoming
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    Channel Change: A flipped classroom for technology skills?

    (COETAIL Course 5 Project Proposal) Hey folks, I’d like to share a little project idea with you. I've been thinking hard about what strengths I bring my classroom and how students respond to the lessons we do at school. How might I leverage t
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    Old dog, new tricks

    You can teach an old dog new tricks, or in this case - an old teacher can be taught new technology! [caption id="attachment_260" align="aligncenter" width="300"] flickr photo by derekGavey https://flickr.com/photos/derekgavey/4190468784 shared u
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    The end of this journey begins the next one.

    As I wrap up my final few weeks on this COETAIL journey, I am really thinking about how I want this final project to be AMAZING! I am planning on taking a topic that I honestly am very bored with and making it way better! [caption id="attachmen
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    Not Quite There Yet

    Technology integration was a term that entered my world in 2013. My husband and I had been working at our current school, AIS-R, for nearly a whole year when I started to think deeply about tech integration in the classroom. At the time, students in
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    Getting in the Flow or "The Slow Clap"

    My first full week of the school year is complete. So far, I absolutely love what I do.  It is completely different everyday, full of puzzles, people and practice.  I'm dedicated to looking at this with the beginner's mind as I go through each da
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    My Crystal Ball and My Future Classroom

    Education is an ever-changing field.  Not only does education change over long periods of time, but the pendulum swings rather quickly.  If you sit down with any teacher nearing retirement, you can easily discuss four or five different "paradigm s
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    How Am I REALLY Doing?

    Since I am part of the technology pilot in our district which has been involved in determining the devices, learning management systems, and policies our district will use starting next year, I will get to help teachers move forward with the integrat