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    The Zombie Apocalypse

    I'll admit, screens scare me. Not just the Black Mirror type of screens (which is an excellent series, if not surreal and hopefully not too prophetic), but the screens of my students. Specifically, the amount of time they spend looking at screens in
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    Uncharted territory

    Hi, "Kids these days!!" flickr photo shared by *Psyche Delia* under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license Kids these days are the same as they ever were, annoying yes, frustrating, yes but amazingly creative, open minded and positive about
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    #COETAILchat 5.8.16

    Our May #COETAILchat was hosted by Philip with co-moderators Thomas, Vivian and Mr. D. Although it was a small chat (it was Mother's Day in many countries), there was some great discussion around Digital Boundaries. Check out the Storify transcript