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    Code to Story Glory

      [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240"] Photo Credit: dek dav Flickr via Compfight cc+[/caption] I work in a bilingual environment and there are more passports from the local language than from foreign languages. English is a chall
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    When Your Students LOVE to Code: Scratch Jr + Storytelling

    My third graders LOVED participating in Hour of Code last year. Quickly I learned that majority of my students already had a mastered skills using the apps suggested to use for Hour of Code by my school including Tynker and Light Bot Junior. With
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    Code a Story- Course 1 Final Project

    I found the Course 1 Final Project a bit challenging.  I'm fairly new to the UBD approach to unit planning so wrapping my head around the GRASPS task and the six facets of understanding took a bit of brain power.  I am confident that it will be les