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    Gotta start somewhere...

    I've mentioned before that there had never been a tech integrator at the school I'm currently at. Not only that, we have had some devices, but perhaps the intentionality and purpose of them had not been identified yet. That being said, there had been
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    Code to Story Glory

      [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240"] Photo Credit: dek dav Flickr via Compfight cc+[/caption] I work in a bilingual environment and there are more passports from the local language than from foreign languages. English is a chall
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    When Your Students LOVE to Code: Scratch Jr + Storytelling

    My third graders LOVED participating in Hour of Code last year. Quickly I learned that majority of my students already had a mastered skills using the apps suggested to use for Hour of Code by my school including Tynker and Light Bot Junior. With
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    Code a Story- Course 1 Final Project

    I found the Course 1 Final Project a bit challenging.  I'm fairly new to the UBD approach to unit planning so wrapping my head around the GRASPS task and the six facets of understanding took a bit of brain power.  I am confident that it will be les