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    Travelling Tales -A COETAIL Course 5 Final Project

    Travelling Tales When creating this video, I thought it would be challenging to make 10 minutes’ worth of video content. As it is the video is over 10 minutes and there is still things that I did not put in! How did that happen? I think my proje
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    Too Many Apps for that!

    There are currently over 80,000 Educational Apps on the iTunes store. 80,000+ AMAZING, INTIMIDATING, DIFFERENT, SIMILAR, DAUNTING APPS to choose from and more are coming every day! Part of me wants to run out, explore and go for it. The other pa
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    Where do I stand?

    Where do I stand?.... Have I done enough?... How could I do it better?...How could I do it differently? These are some examples of the questions we as educators ask ourselves constantly not only about our teaching but I feel like I ask myself abo
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    Tomorrow's Skills Today

    My eldest daughter ( who is nearly 4) started her education this year in Pre-School. She may not leave formal school until it is 2030. 2030...Wow! I am just going to let that that sink in a little! What will the world will be like in 2030? What
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    I Did It!

    I can't believe I am finished with all my COETAIL courses and my final project!  In some ways, it seems like yesterday that I started this journey, and in others, it seems like it was forever ago.  What I do know, is that I have learned a lot, and