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    It's OK to brand myself

    The recruiting season has started and I have just made my professional website go live. I have probably spent many hours crafting CVs over the years.  Two years ago, my CV looked like this: Trying to fit everything onto one page (wasn't that
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    A Visual Symphony!

    The final projects coming out of Course 3 are phenomenal! It is clearly evident that Course 3 has had a positive impact on your ability to rethink the nature of design in our lives and the effect it has on our communications. There is evidence of
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    Try before You Buy...Infographics

    "Nothing in the world is free Adams." That is what should have been going through my head as I was looking for free resume infographic templates. What a HUGE process. I had NO idea. The level of difficulty in creating your own resume info
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      flickr photo shared by PointRaiser under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license   Hi, I have been waiting since the beginning of course 3 for infographic week. Infographics are always something I have been interested since starting th
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    Final Project Course 3: I love/hate/love infographics!

    Like a lot of other Coetailers I thoroughly enjoyed course 3 and all the learning experiences it had to offer. For sure, this final project was one of the most time consuming. I would log on to create my CV infographic and realise that 3 hours had pa
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    Final Project--Visual CVs: Helpful or Hurtful?

    IDEA For my final project I knew I wanted to do a Visual CV, I saw others from previous COETAILers and was inspired. I wanted to create an infographic and then make it into a Thinglink. The Thinglink plan changed because of various reasons (mainl
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    Course 3 Project - Infographics....not so simple but rewarding

    [caption id="attachment_339" align="alignleft" width="235"] Photo Credit: maddy3m via Flickr cc[/caption] When I talked about loving infographics - I meant I loved reading them, using them in class and having my students create them. Not doing the
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    Too Much of a Good Thing

    With each week's reading and assignment I thought, "Yeah, I'm gonna do this for my final project!" So it has been hard for me to focus on one thing. My head has been working on lots of ideas for final projects in the background. Idea #1 I had w
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    Inquiry based & concept driven

    Concept-driven learning One way of thinking about concept-driven learning is: developing an understanding of concepts by looking at them in various different contexts. A key point is: The underlying concepts are more important that
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    Course 3 Final Project: About Me!

    Here it is! The final product - for now, at least. I have been super excited about this final project since I read the final project options during week 1 of course 3. I knew IMMEDIATELY that I wanted to create an infographic resume for my About Me p