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    Responsible Use And Learning Skills/Behaviors: A Course 2 Final Project

    Over course 2, I spent time reflecting upon my digital citizenship skills and found opportunities to improve how I was spending time instructing my students about them. During this course, I realized that I could improve my students' digital citiz
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    Responsible Use by All

    I am now at my second school in the role of an Educational Technology Coach so I have worked with helping many students understand the schools  Responsible/Acceptable Use Policy (RUP) for technology. However, the policies were created by our Technol
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    Shaping generations, one life at a time...

    [embed]https://www.flickr.com/photos/hanuska/17370353818/[/embed] The other day I read a post by Alfie Kohn where he says "We can’t answer the question “Is tech useful in schools?” until we’ve grappled with a deeper question: “What kind