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    Projects, Problems and Challenges

    Activities within a classroom are designed to give learners the best opportunity to acquire  knowledge and apply understanding. In the same vein that we teach that mathematical strategies are comparable to a technician’s tool belt, to be used at a
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    Video + Games (Based Learning)

    Hey folks! Following on with a previous post on challenge based learning in the PYP curriculum, I decided I'd tackle Games-based learning next. Perhaps unfortunately for me (or at least my COETAIL deadlines), I was also thinking about my upcoming
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    A Shout Out To My People (Being in touch in the final days of COETAIL...)

    (Disclaimer - if you're even remotely considering ever trying out badging as a project with your learners, you will be hard pressed to find as much inspiration as the links and shoutouts in this post will give. I give mad and total props to all my pe
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    Some thoughts on Understanding by Design

    As I was going through Flipboard to find an article to read, I saw the video clip about UbD explained by author Jay McTighe. I had gone to a workshop on UbD before when I was student teaching, but for some reason after actually teaching, the process
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    Course 5 Final Project: E-Portfolios and Seesaw

    Well, I hope all my fellow Coetailers had a great summer break and a great start to the new school year! As ever with the start of each Coetail course during this whole experience (which I have loved), I have found post 1 of Course 5 difficult to wr