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    Bring back playtime!

    I’ve read more and more about how schools are reducing recess time, putting in pedals on chairs so children can move while learning, or eliminating free time altogether. I often wonder how this continues to happen when there are so many studies and
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    Me (Dan) and the (maths) Masters of the Universe

    First off; apologies for the terrible puns in the title of this blog. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Secondly.; I can't believe I actually found a title image with both He-Man and maths included! The Internet is truly life changing... ; )
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    Exposing and Exploring the Concept

    flickr photo shared by James Cridland under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license Bringing coding to a school that had yet to dabble in this area within any grade, I have set out for a fun challenge this year. With a background that has experimente