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    Planning Presentations with Presentation Zen Principles

    [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="445"] William Iven www.firmbee.com/freebies/all ᔥ Unsplash[/caption] I sometimes cringe when I hear the word "presentation" as it seems to be synonymous, even amongst young students, with a very typical
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    Final Project Ideas

    Project #1 Idea RVIS-Hosted Student TEDTalks One area students are not proficient at RVIS is public speaking/presentations. They tend to not practice, they rely on their notes, they umm and ahh all over the place, they speak with little to no infle
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    Do Over

    When I was try to make a decision on a final project, I struggled to determine which would be a worthwhile use of my time.  Creating something for instruction is usually a worthy investment of time, and I leaned heavily towards the idea of redoing a
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    Course 3 Final Project- Simplified Presentations

    As an art teacher I have been particularly inspired by this course since it was all about visual literacy. I found it difficult to choose my final project because there were so many great choices. I really wanted to do the infographic CV because I fe
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    Presentations: A New Day, A New Attitude

    The week before a theatrical production is often called "hell week." Late rehearsals, endless rethinking, and last minute changes, eat pretty much all extra time. I've learned in my years in the theatre to make sure that I am completely free from all
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    Embarrassingly Un-Zen

    This week I explored some of my old Powerpoint presentations.  My first two years, I used Powerpoint as my main mode of "giving" the students information, but since have strayed away from it. I got into the depths of my last four years of teaching a