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    Presentation simplification

    It is that time of year again. PYP Exhibition began this week. The next 7 weeks will have many ups and downs both for the students and myself but it will all be worth it when we get to X-Day on April 13th and the students will be able to share their
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    Spread the Zenitude

    When I look back at the presentations I have created for the students, I realise that there is a whole range of purpose. My teaching style is not based on lecturing so I try to avoid being in front of the smartboard for too long. The consequence of h
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    Channel Change: A flipped classroom for technology skills?

    (COETAIL Course 5 Project Proposal) Hey folks, I’d like to share a little project idea with you. I've been thinking hard about what strengths I bring my classroom and how students respond to the lessons we do at school. How might I leverage t
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    Back to school night revamped (Course 3 Final)

    After all the readings and learning about designing a good presentation, I decided early on that my final project was going to be redoing my back to school night presentation (This was fresh on my mind from the most recent back to school night in ear
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    New Presenting Tricks vs. Old Presenting Habits

    Hi folks! A few weeks ago I was contacted by a local co-working space in Phnom Penh, ImpactHub, about presenting during their recent Technology in Education meeting. One of their members had read about the Endangered Species Minecraft lesson I wor