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    We blossom from copying

    [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="385"] http://bit.ly/1Wm4Ipp[/caption] As educators, it is our duty to teach proper usage of online sources and giving credit where credit is due. As a middle school humanities teacher, I do teach copyright
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    CanCopy, Napster and the history of my piracy

    So copyright infringement isn't new. It just has a new face. According to RightsCorp.com online sharing (piracycy) has been an issue since 1975. Now I can't remember that far back (heck, I wasn't born yet) but I can share my history as a scurvy pira
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    Creativity or plagiarism

    Teaching younger students has given me a few advantages of not having to worry about kids buying their papers on the internet or having to check their sources while reading their informational papers, yet it has not stopped me from teaching some of t