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    EUP- Course 2 Final Project

    I enjoyed working on the "global collaboration" final project with two other Coetailer's Michelle Beard and Lisa Whittingham.  We decided to create our own acceptable use policies and then give each other feedback on our final versions. We started o
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    Looking To The Future – (Course 3 Final Project Reflection - Part I)

    This post will be in two parts. Course 3 was by far the most interesting in the courses that we’ve done so far. For that matter all the choices for the Final Project got me excited and initially I had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to d
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    Yes.... I love Infographics

    [caption id="attachment_310" align="alignleft" width="301"] Image found at alexandrasamuel.[/caption]   If you have read any of my posts its not a surprise that I love infographics. My course 1 project was on infographics and I created an
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    Course 3 Final Project: About Me!

    Here it is! The final product - for now, at least. I have been super excited about this final project since I read the final project options during week 1 of course 3. I knew IMMEDIATELY that I wanted to create an infographic resume for my About Me p