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    The final project...thoughts and ideas ???

    I have learned a lot through COETAIL (though I still get stuck on minor techie issues) and I have done some really cool projects such as The Little Ideas Swap Blog where my students blogged what they were learning and what school was like to other st
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    Stories my Grandparents Tell...Unit 4 UBD

    I decided I wanted to try Projects Based Learning (PBL) after reading more about it and reviewing the Wikipedia  definition: A student-centered pedagogy that involves a dynamic classroom approach in which students acquire a deeper knowledge throu
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    Course 5 Final Project: Blended Learning

    [caption id="attachment_451" align="alignleft" width="300"] Ouroboros by Régine Debatty @ Flickr CC-BY-SA[/caption] Am I really there? Is this the end? Like the mythical Ouroboros that represents something constantly re-creating itself, an infinite
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    Final Project - Riffa's Views

    And so...it ends! COETAIL est fini! This is my last (and final) blog post. What a journey! Who would have thought a year and a half ago that I would have come so far. Not only did I stretch myself to finish this certificate, I also stretched professi
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    Course 4: Week 2 & Week 3

    Howdy all! We are now into week 3! I hope you are all enjoying the content in Course 4. While I was working at the University of Kentucky over past couple years I learned a lot about, and worked with many schools who have or where implemented project
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    GTL 2: Project Based Learning

    I think that many more of us would like to believe that Student Agency in our classes reflects the definition by Mark Wagner in his interview about the EdTechTeam and its honeycomb model, than is actually the case on a day to day basis. I fear that
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    A Beginning to an End...or is It?

    And Then There Was One... One more course that is!  Wow where has the time gone?  Just this time last year I was starting my endeavor with COETAIL as a grade 4 teacher in China.  Now I am wrapping up my course as a grade 6 math/science teacher i
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    All Work and No Play

    [caption id="attachment_181" align="alignleft" width="300"] Lindsay Lyon Photography[/caption]   My son began kindergarten this year as a 4-year-old, because his birthday is September 17th, and the school cut off for entering KG-2 is Octo
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    In which the question freak relinquishes control...

    I am an Essential Question freak....I love them, plaster them on my walls, and refer to them constantly. See... Exhibit A [caption id="attachment_175" align="aligncenter" width="550"] English 9 Bulletin Board[/caption]   Exhibit B
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    Independence & Inquiry

    Independence and inquiry are two traits that I strive to develop in my students as they are skills that I believe will allow them to be successful in the real world. For many students, becoming independent and being given the freedom to inquire does
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    Love at First Project

    This week of learning about project, problem, and challenge based learning could not have come at a better time. My school has recently adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and from what I can gather, we are moving toward a more trul
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    It's All About the BL's!

    [caption id="attachment_222" align="aligncenter" width="300"] flickr photo by GotCredit https://flickr.com/photos/jakerust/16846023595 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license[/caption] When I looked at this course, I felt I knew quite a bit o
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    Job Based Learning

    flickr photo shared by Yuchao.L under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license I wish someone could tell me math is very important for living in real life. As long as money is involved, it is always about numbers. When you work at a company, we ne
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    Restructuring The ART Room- Through Balance and Breaks.

    Reflect On Your Own Use of Devices in The Classroom. At first when I read this question I thought it was purely about what technology I use with the students. But after reading the articles it is more about the way I structure use of technology in
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    Tech. in the Classroom I’m not currently in a classroom, and oh, how I miss it! No, not the grading, the lesson plan writing, the behavioral issues, the constant repeating of instructions, reminders to do this or that. But I do miss the glow of ex
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    deppilF moorssalC- The game is to solve the title!

    Hi, Been a great week in my classroom, this week as the shackles are off following the end of exams!! Woohoo!!! This week I started a mini PBL with my "life skills" class. This is a lesson I have with a mixture of children from different classes a
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    PBL, PBL, CBL, LOL...

    Technology greatly influenced my pedagogy in the are of Project-Based Learning specifically. In fact, I was not introduced to PBL until my tech coach brought it to my attention last year. I had used elements of it in my classroom, but often still put
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    Success is the result of something extraordinary... or not: The Process is the Goal

    The Process is the Goal. Think about that for just a minute. Continue to think about it. Think about it until you get it. When you get it, success will depend on it.  "People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extr
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    The Benefits of Real Life Inquiry- PBL & CBL

    flickr photo shared by San José Library under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license Authentic learning through real-world ideas, group work, multidisciplinary knowledge, problem solving, creativity, evaluation and presentation, are what I understa
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    Non-Experiences With PBL

    I'm not sure when I first heard of Project-Based Learning, but it has been something I have been wanting to have experience with for a very long time. It seems to be very elusive for me in terms of getting my hands dirty with it. Any time there is
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    Past Not Present: X-BL

    [caption id="attachment_367" align="alignright" width="300"] The Time By Zlatko Vickovic @ Flickr CC-BY-NC-SA[/caption] The pedagogy of discovery learning has been around for over 50 years. All the x-based learning have somewhat sprouted from the
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    PBL, CBL, TBL!!!

    Project based learning, challenge based learning, emmm maybe Task Based Learning!!! flickr photo shared by carlaarena under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license   What have I learned this week? I have learned that what I thought I was d
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    PBL X 2, CBL, MYP, DP.......

    [caption id="attachment_374" align="alignleft" width="203"] Photo Credit: cesar loaiza via Compfight cc[/caption] Too many acronyms - how do we keep track? PBL X2, CBL? If you teach in the IB  program you also learn a pleather of other acronyms.
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    Empowerment and Productivity aka Project Based Learning

    I dove into Problem Based Learning this week.  As an administrator sometimes I feel like I am constantly solving problems--lots of people come to me with their problems on a daily basis.  I love Problem Based Learning (PBL) and when I was a teacher
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    The Essentials of Project-Based Learning

    Last week, I wrote a blog post about a project from my Grade 3 Beginner EAL (English as an Additional Language) class.  The students created thank you videos and tweets for Mo Willems, the author and illustrator of their favorite book series. Con
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    Final project reflections: Green changes at our school

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] "Joy!" by Paucal on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND)[/caption] Woohoo! I’m done! I really didn’t want to be working on this during my holiday, but...things don’t always work out as planned. My project
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    Past but powerful strategies

    What I like the most with Coetail is that I have valid reasons to try new things!! As this week is about project-based learning, problem-based learning, challenge based learning….I jumped in and introduced a Genius Hour-like to my Grade 5. (To be
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    PBL: Learning that Prepares for Life

    “Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.” “The school cannot be a preparation for social life excepting as it reproduces, within itself, typ
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    PBL, CBL and Other Catchy Acronyms

    flickr photo shared by dkuropatwa under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-SA ) license As educators, one of our ultimate goals is to help students deepen their understanding of concepts we are teaching.  We want them to make connections between differe
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    Technology, Classrooms, and the Library

    Technology as a SUPPORT to Curriculum Whenever I think of technology integration in the classroom, the big idea I need to remember is that technology should not be in addition to instruction but should actually “support… the curricular goals, an