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    Checking in with Course 5 project: eportfolios

    Okay, Coetail, here we go, course 5.     I have taken a break from actively blogging about my Course 5 progress, but the few Coetail graduates I’ve spoken to are warning me against such breaks. So the other night I sat down to reflect o
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    Riding The Collaboration Rollercoaster

    THE PLANNING I was very fortunate to be able to meet Grace, from Commack Middle School when I was in New York last summer. Even though we collaborated last year we had never met before. We discussed what we thought needed improving from our
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    Ways to Reduce Our Plastic Footprint Using Design Thinking Model

    For Earth Week, I organized week-long, K-8 presentations around the theme of using the Design Thinking model in order to look for ideas to solve the global plastic plague. I incorporated Padlet as a trailhead for teachers and community to v
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    Photography Collaboration: From Deciding to Acting, Course 1 Final Project

    Last week I was busy thinking about, deciding on and planning a meaningful collaborative project with my young Early Years students and another class at my school.  Now, my "school" is actually 3 separate campuses somewhat spread about in Central Sw
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    What's the Story?

    How could digital storytelling be used in your classroom/subject area? I like this question. My reaction is always use something, a tool or idea to extend learning or as an extension of learning. So I thought about where I could use digital story