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    No Filter

    I had many fond memories of my undergraduate days at Syracuse University. Little did I realize that the most stressful days of having to go tot he library to find all the information to write my paper would end so soon. What do I mean by soon? Well,
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    Three challenges to my literacy

    Could this week's reading help me find solutions to three questions which are related to my teaching for next week? Are photos of famous artists' paintings protected by copyright? A 1981 thriller about a Russian agent who becomes US president -
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    Learning About Tornado Safety and Hurricane Preparedness with Weather Underground Infographics

    My grade 1 students are getting blown away by videos like these as they inquire into the central idea that "Understanding how the weather works allows us to make plans"... [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjb7QtMEBUg[/youtube] [youtube]
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    10 Things I will Change About my Blog

      Thanks to the article, How we read online, I will strive to apply much of my new learning in this and future blog posts.  Here are my top 10 changes: I will keep my sentences short and to the point. See any Seth Godin post for great ex
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    Project, Problem, and Challenge Based Learning in the High School Classroom

    Project, Problem, and Challenge Based Learning are three important theories or methodologies to inspire learning within our classroom.  These three methods are a clear break-away from what we think of as traditional education by utilizing inquiry as