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    Finding Out & Sorting Out Using Images

    Our current unit of inquiry is based on the earth's natural resources. It's titled, "How do we best manage our natural resources?" Our two essential questions are: What are the earth's natural resources? (FORM) How does the use of natural reso
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    Can We Change the World One Post at a Time? Social Media Team Update and Reflections

    Over the past month, my students have begun to take on the classroom job of Social Media Team. I wrote a post about this new classroom job here. Depending upon the group of students in charge that couple of weeks, there was lots of interest or not.
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    Projects, Problems and Challenges

    Activities within a classroom are designed to give learners the best opportunity to acquire  knowledge and apply understanding. In the same vein that we teach that mathematical strategies are comparable to a technician’s tool belt, to be used at a
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    Channel Change: A flipped classroom for technology skills?

    (COETAIL Course 5 Project Proposal) Hey folks, I’d like to share a little project idea with you. I've been thinking hard about what strengths I bring my classroom and how students respond to the lessons we do at school. How might I leverage t
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    My Plate Isn't So Full: Making Connections Between Digital Citizenship Skills and Learning Assets

    When reading the question for this week's suggested post topic, I groaned. It wasn't that I disagreed with the suggested question, I do believe that we as educators have an obligation to teach our students digital citizenship skills. Instead I had in
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    Making Sense of NGSS with Paul Anderson

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Photo credit: http://i.imgur.com/tgpCC8i.gif[/caption] The American Community School-Amman was fortunate to host education consultant, accomplished keynote speaker and Youtuber, Paul Anderson. Paul
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    What about the Scenic Route?

    Wiggins and McTighe use a brilliant airplane metaphor to address the need for planning. They state that when a pilot wants to fly to London, she doesn’t just get into the airplane, set the destination, kick back her feet and hope for an arrival sev
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    Course 1 Final Project: Being a Scientist

    For my final project, I decided to focus on the final 3 weeks of an 8 week long science based inquiry unit for my 3rd grade students. The title of this unit is "How Does Science Help us Understand Sound?" Before I move to sharing my plan for those fi
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    Explaining Stories in Strange and Wonderful Ways

    How could Digital Storytelling be used in my subject area, tech integration? Well, simply put: In Strange and Wonderful Ways. For a how-to of making these videos, please see my final project for COETAIL Course 3: Visual Literacy in the follow-up p
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    Independence & Inquiry

    Independence and inquiry are two traits that I strive to develop in my students as they are skills that I believe will allow them to be successful in the real world. For many students, becoming independent and being given the freedom to inquire does
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    Love at First Project

    This week of learning about project, problem, and challenge based learning could not have come at a better time. My school has recently adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and from what I can gather, we are moving toward a more trul
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    Solar Systems, Infographics, Creative Commons and CARP

    Planning a lesson that hits many targets. Lately I've been learning a bit about design, and this week I'll be starting new lessons on creating infographics with Grade 3 students studying the solar system. An infographic is a powerful and easy t
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    Genius hour in French as a final project for Course 5

    [caption id="attachment_455" align="aligncenter" width="300"] flickr photo by mrsdkrebs https://flickr.com/photos/mrsdkrebs/6900256573 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license[/caption] Digital story telling and blogging with my students were
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    Inquiry: 120 characters at a time.

    [caption id="attachment_307" align="alignnone" width="550"] FreaktographyUrban Exploring Monkey Bars[/caption]   Spring is in the air.  Lately I've had a number of colleagues ask me to walk them through Twitter.  I'm super excited about
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    Three Peas in a Pod...Well, Two "Ps" and Once "C"

    This week I was reading a lot about innovative learning strategies, or inquiry learning.  It made me think of Sir Ken Robinson's video, "Changing Education Paradigms."  The video is critical of today's outdated education model and calls for innov
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    Unpacking Spelling Inquiries

    Do you remember the spelling lessons you had when you were younger? I sure do, but I don't have particularly fond memories, because they often involved memorizing spelling lists and taking tests. Now that I'm a teacher of EAL (English as an Additi
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    The Benefits of Real Life Inquiry- PBL & CBL

    flickr photo shared by San José Library under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license Authentic learning through real-world ideas, group work, multidisciplinary knowledge, problem solving, creativity, evaluation and presentation, are what I understa
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    Taking Action

    Every time I write a unit I try to use Kath Murdoch's inquiry cycle: [caption id="attachment_381" align="aligncenter" width="676"] From Train the Teacher[/caption] So when I finished my COETAIL Unit 5 project (utilizing Minecraft as a teaching
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    It's all about telling the story...

    Telling a story of instructional design... This is what I do all day, every day. I'm telling a story... in the middle of a story ...or planing a story. As a educational technology coach, it's all about telling the story of how purposeful, powe
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    Standards, Resource Based Learning, and Technology

    Last week I made an online promise to read others posts before I made my own post. This was in response to a post by fellow Coetail 6 member Jen Coleman about remixing called Seeing the Light. So what follows is a remix (or maybe my synthesis) of som
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    Creative Mode

    My Minecraft Inquiry is now well underway. I still have a lot to learn but we are definitely making progress with MinecraftEdu. I've discovered that we achieve more in Creative Mode and that border blocks help students to build in the same location.