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    Course 3 Final Project: Trying to Visualize Myself

    Immediately when I saw that creating a visual resume was an option for this course, I knew what I'd choose for my final project because I believe in them.  Also, after participating in course 3, my thinking around visual resumes has been confirmed.
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    Infographics Demonstrate Taking Action

    Recently my class read a book of infographics by David J. Smith. It's called If: A Mind-Bending New Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers. The infographic I shared with the whole group explained how much of the Earth's water is clean versus salt
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    Infographics to simplify your thoughts

    While I was working with clients at Cheetahmail, I often had to analyze the results of their quarterly campaigns and take all that Excel data, make it pretty, put it on a deck of slides and present this to the clients. I would then get on a call with
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    Resume using infographics

    I have been using a Word document for my resume. It is fairly bog standard, with the only colour being my photo. It actually covers two pages but the second one is even less interesting! I spent a lot of time exploring different types of infog
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    Infographics for Younger Students

    Infographics. I have always loved them! And now I know why. An infographic is a visual representation of data. Simon Rogers, author of infographic books for children, in his post, The Kids are All Bright: Infographics for all Ages, says tha
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    Infographic Use

    In what situations do I use infographics?  How often do I use them? When is the next time I will utilise one in class to make sure I meet the requirements of this weeks assignment.  First thoughts are, I use them all the time. Then on reflection
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    The Power of Numbers

    Numbers when combined with images are powerful and can be used to influence change. This is no big secret, which is why so many people use infographics to spread their message. In Grade 9, we call our exponents unit "The Power of Numbers". In add
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    Learning About Tornado Safety and Hurricane Preparedness with Weather Underground Infographics

    My grade 1 students are getting blown away by videos like these as they inquire into the central idea that "Understanding how the weather works allows us to make plans"... [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjb7QtMEBUg[/youtube] [youtube]
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    Thoughts on infographics and visual note taking

    Infographics seem to be everywhere. I had just finished watching the presidential debate and before it even ended, I noticed different infographics displayed that listed several facts, key information, and data  about the debate. Even though I liste
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    Confessions of an Infographic Newbie

      I am an infographic newbie.  (Mostly.) I first tried one out last week in my Digital Design Club. In the spirit of getting to know one another better, while simultaneously teaching safe online sharing, I  asked the students to create a