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    Learning About Tornado Safety and Hurricane Preparedness with Weather Underground Infographics

    My grade 1 students are getting blown away by videos like these as they inquire into the central idea that "Understanding how the weather works allows us to make plans"... [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjb7QtMEBUg[/youtube] [youtube]
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    Thoughts on infographics and visual note taking

    Infographics seem to be everywhere. I had just finished watching the presidential debate and before it even ended, I noticed different infographics displayed that listed several facts, key information, and data  about the debate. Even though I liste
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    Confessions of an Infographic Newbie

      I am an infographic newbie.  (Mostly.) I first tried one out last week in my Digital Design Club. In the spirit of getting to know one another better, while simultaneously teaching safe online sharing, I  asked the students to create a
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    If I Use Digital Storytelling...

    [caption id="attachment_117" align="alignright" width="154"] CC - Creative Commons Resource[/caption]If I am going to use digital storytelling in my classroom then I need to take a page from my own learning. I have been very faithful with finding Cre
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    Course 3 Final Project: Digital Poetrytelling

    Since completing the poetry unit with grade 7, which I wrote about for my Course 1 Final Project, I wondered if I could still do more with the visual component of the project.  I also wanted students to reach an even greater audience, to push studen
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    Infographic Essays

    Infographics to use with the Grade 6 Advertisement Posters I looked at many infographics this week and found one in particular that I would definitely use in the future.  This was one that would have helped with our grade 6 advertisement posters.
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    Selling Teens on Poetry...Take 12

    This is my 12th year teaching high school English, and therefore my 12th year introducing poetry. The rap introduction is normally a pretty good selling point, but this year I'm stepping up to the 21st century with something new... Infographic
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    Infographics = Learning Mashups

    While I attending and presenting at the European Conference on iPads in Education recently, the collective group of us, began to ponder the very subtle but seemingly distinct meaning between App Smashing and Apps Mashing. We recognized that although
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    Final Project--Visual CVs: Helpful or Hurtful?

    IDEA For my final project I knew I wanted to do a Visual CV, I saw others from previous COETAILers and was inspired. I wanted to create an infographic and then make it into a Thinglink. The Thinglink plan changed because of various reasons (mainl
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    Infographics in the World of Language and Literature

    Data visualization is an essential element of visual literacy.  I typically find myself utilizing data visualization in my classroom through mind maps, timelines, flow charts, and venn diagrams.  I often assign my students data visualization tasks
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    Hooking your audience...

    In my previous post I wrote about our “Changing the World” unit in Writer’s Workshop in which students are learning to write persuasive pieces. I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the culmination of the unit by creating a digital s
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    About me - Final project course 3

    This is the end of Course 3 already and that was my favourite course so far as this one was very practical and fun too! My takeaways from Course 3 were the Presentation Zen and the digital story telling. Perfect to use in language classroom!
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    I Heart Infographics!

    I am starting to see a pattern in Course 3... Me: Oh, I know what infographics and data visualization (could be replaced with digital storytelling, presentations, etc.) are! I see and use them all the time. Do the research, read the suggested r
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    Infographics for Me

    Days Gone By A few years ago, maybe 2011? I had the good fortune to see Kathy Schrock speak about her latest passion: Infographics. It was a great presentation and the information she shared has stuck with me for a long time. I recall my favorite
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    Messing around in Course 3 - Course 3 Final Project - Modern CV

    [caption id="attachment_554" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo Credit: Ryan Dickey via Compfight cc[/caption] When creating my Course 3 Final Project my thoughts turned to the past. I have been working at the International School of Luxembour
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    An Alternative to Articles - Infographics

    As I have been planning units for my various classes and grade levels, this third course has made me conscious about not only trying to use a variety of media to enhance the skill / concept being taught, but also about teaching them how to interpret
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    Inquiry based & concept driven

    Concept-driven learning One way of thinking about concept-driven learning is: developing an understanding of concepts by looking at them in various different contexts. A key point is: The underlying concepts are more important that
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    Yes.... I love Infographics

    [caption id="attachment_310" align="alignleft" width="301"] Image found at alexandrasamuel.[/caption]   If you have read any of my posts its not a surprise that I love infographics. My course 1 project was on infographics and I created an
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    Visually Wired

    Every picture tells a story, as they say, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and pictures to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion. We are all Visually Wired.  Lets look at the facts ( after all that is
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    Infographics as Mentor Texts

    Infographics in my classroom are still relatively new to me. Whenever I find a good one, I'm always excited and feel the need to share it with someone, but I've never thought to really incorporate them into my classroom. However, in December I went
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    Visualizing Content in the Teaching Arena

    In the years that I have been teaching, I have been up and down the Blob tree, hanging upside down, swinging from a branch, just hanging on for life…it has now become a part of who I am. It has taught me that yes I might fall off but then I also ha
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    Communicate Your Content

    COETAIL has stretched me so much in terms of thinking on how to apply my learning into my current role of assistant principal, it has also made me miss being in the classroom something fierce. For this week’s assignment I found tons of interesting
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    Where do infographics fit in?

    A Search Most search results for 'Early Childhood infographic' are mainly about Early Childhood, not for use with Early Childhood children. Here's a link to the top five Early Childhood infographics of 2013 Is there a place for Infographics in
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    Infographics in language classroom

    What’s an infographic? Before preparing for this post, an infographic was for me an editorial infographic or a data visualization, like a lot of numbers put into a picture to make it easy to read. The value of visualization video really helps m