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    Course 3 Final Project

    I've learned so much in course 3! I've been using presentations and infographics with my students, but this project gave me the opportunity to pay close attention to the visual elements of my slides and create my own infographic to accompany the slid
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    Don't Worry Befunky (CollageMaker)

    Making collages is easier than ever using BeFunky CollageMaker. Here is how to get started. STEP 1: Sign-up with BeFunky CollageMaker. You will need to sign-up for this free creation tool. Click link below: https://www.befunky.com/feature
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    InfographicMe! This is my fourth year in Luxembourg and when I saw the options that were given for the Course 3 Final Project, I thought that it could be the right time to create an "About Me" page. I first wanted to do an infographic or a prez
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    A great and vibrant language

    getting the message across "Mir hunn eng flott a lieweg Sprooch a mir kënnen zu Recht houfreg drop sinn" "We have a great and vibrant language and we can rightly be proud" (Claude Meisch, Luxembourg's education minister on schreiwen.lu and th
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    Show, don't tell!

    [caption id="attachment_279" align="alignright" width="307"] https://news.microsoft.com/stories/data/[/caption] Although Infographic is a relatively new word, the idea to visually or graphically represent information or data has been in many med
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    Solar Systems, Infographics, Creative Commons and CARP

    Planning a lesson that hits many targets. Lately I've been learning a bit about design, and this week I'll be starting new lessons on creating infographics with Grade 3 students studying the solar system. An infographic is a powerful and easy t