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    Show, don't tell!

    [caption id="attachment_279" align="alignright" width="307"] https://news.microsoft.com/stories/data/[/caption] Although Infographic is a relatively new word, the idea to visually or graphically represent information or data has been in many med
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    Solar Systems, Infographics, Creative Commons and CARP

    Planning a lesson that hits many targets. Lately I've been learning a bit about design, and this week I'll be starting new lessons on creating infographics with Grade 3 students studying the solar system. An infographic is a powerful and easy t
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    Course 2 Final Project Reflection

    Welcome to the responsible use plan of the future. Click here to see the infographic/RUA This is a little different than a usual responsible use agreement where students read a bunch of rules on a piece of paper then sign their name to acknowledg
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    Try before You Buy...Infographics

    "Nothing in the world is free Adams." That is what should have been going through my head as I was looking for free resume infographic templates. What a HUGE process. I had NO idea. The level of difficulty in creating your own resume info
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    Making Thinking Visual

    After going through the first 2 courses of COETAIL, I already knew visuals help get a point across.  I did not realize how much information I would be willing to read until I looked at the awesome infographics on Good. I read about things that would
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    Final Project Course 3: I love/hate/love infographics!

    Like a lot of other Coetailers I thoroughly enjoyed course 3 and all the learning experiences it had to offer. For sure, this final project was one of the most time consuming. I would log on to create my CV infographic and realise that 3 hours had pa
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    My New First Impression

    Hundreds.  Hundreds of hours.   That's how much time I’ve spent on my blog.  I have toiled away as I wrote blog posts, responded to comments, and personalized my blog’s layout, yet I have exerted little effort on the part of my blog that pr
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    Dreams of Gatsby

    Our next unit for grade 10 English is on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. In order to focus my infographic search, I used keywords from our unit's Essential Questions, and so ended up with an assortment on Fitzgerald's portrayal of the Ameri
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    Course 3 Final Project: Infographics...tomorrows resume?

    Photo Credit: The COM Library via Compfight cc The new resume? This year my husband and I decided to leave our school and embark upon the dreaded job search. With that in mind, when I read about our final project I instantly thought about cre
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    A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods totally blew my mind! I was reading through Recommended Readings and figuring out what is infographic and data visualization. When I open this page, I was like "What is this science chart or something? Hold
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    Look at This!

    Since I have made two blog posts about the unit Got Government, I thought I would keep with it and try to locate a relevant infographic. I finally found one I will use for sure and another I might. It was harder than I thought to locate one that was
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    Course 3 Project - Infographics....not so simple but rewarding

    [caption id="attachment_339" align="alignleft" width="235"] Photo Credit: maddy3m via Flickr cc[/caption] When I talked about loving infographics - I meant I loved reading them, using them in class and having my students create them. Not doing the
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    Infographics for Me

    Days Gone By A few years ago, maybe 2011? I had the good fortune to see Kathy Schrock speak about her latest passion: Infographics. It was a great presentation and the information she shared has stuck with me for a long time. I recall my favorite
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    Trying to Balance Info and Graphics with Students

    Since the start of this course I have been eager to get my teeth into infographics. For me, they are always going to be more appealing than many other communication mediums because they just look, well..fun! I love the mix of graphics, colours and fa
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    Hello. My name is Lauren and I love infographics

    Photo Credit: latddotcom via Compfight cc Finally! When I read this weeks task I was instantly excited. It just so happens that the final project for our Sharing the Planet unit was for students to create a visual representation to show their und
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    Course 3 Final Project: About Me!

    Here it is! The final product - for now, at least. I have been super excited about this final project since I read the final project options during week 1 of course 3. I knew IMMEDIATELY that I wanted to create an infographic resume for my About Me p