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    BIG IMPACT. small impact. No matter--just make a difference. The world is made better one step at a time, and technology makes it easier for us to reach out. Perhaps you heard of Kevin Curwick, a Minnesota teen, who decided to fight cyber-bullying at
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    Drastic times call for positive measures

    [caption id="attachment_178" align="aligncenter" width="542"] Credit: St├ęphane Vermeulin[/caption]   Podcast of this blogpost in French [audio mp3="https://www.coetail.com/svermeulin/files/2016/12/Podcast-coetail-1.mp3"][/audio] &nb
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    Considering my own Digital Footprint

    Every year we talk about how we can keep the students in our Grade 5 classes safe online. We worry that despite being only 10 or 11 at least half of them have Facebook and although I am not a friend of any of my present or former students ( under 18'