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    Amplify with a video

      https://youtu.be/-lmqIYU0T9w   A video can have a real power of amplification. However, in order to really amplify and develop an effective communication, there are a certain number of parameters to pay attention to. One of th
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    My Coetail Journey of Things Done and Those Yet to Come...

    flickr photo shared by Yogendra174 under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license As much as the it was difficult for me to start the Coetail process for Course 5, once I got into it, it was so much fun!  I partnered with Lauren for our final project,
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    Head First, Helmets Optional

    Photo Credit: GreggMP Flickr via Compfight cc To be honest, this COETAIL course is something I have been putting off, and putting off, and putting off. My excuse is that I've been too busy, and while I have been busy (I am currently taking a break