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    Leave Unstructured Play Unstructured, Please

    In a conversation about homework and unstructured play, we find an assumption that unstructured play happens outdoors. What about children who live in apartments? Should homework be used as a babysitter? Wait...wait! Unstructured play =
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    Reading Log Reflections

    My current school has a required weekly reading log.There are not expectations around what need to be included in our reading logs, only that we must have them. For an educator who disagrees with this activity, it can be a difficult weekly assignment
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    Tech Break/Brake

    To Tech Break or Tech Brake? THAT is the question. A few weeks back, I mentioned that I was reading a book called Lit Up by David Denby. Actually, I think I waxed poetic about it and quoted the introduction several times (even though I had just
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    I logged onto my blog this evening and yes it has been far too long... Interestingly, the analogy that I've used  over the last few days with middle school students and my own children, is what turned me back here to write. I have used the reference
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    Light it Up

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDcFryDXQ7U I’m currently reading a book (for fun!) called Lit Up by a journalist named David Denby. He’s not an educator, nor does he claim to have educational expertise, but as an educator, I am completely ent
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    Staying Balanced with Homework

    It seems like more and more articles about homework are popping up on twitter, facebook, and in other news feeds. Most of the articles appear to be going on about how homework is not effective, or it's too much, or it doesn't help achievement. Puttin