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    [caption id="attachment_310" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Afraid and excited to begin again. (Kundel 2017)[/caption] I thought my COETAIL journey was over after the Course 4 final project. I know I didn't tell you, dear cyberspace reader, but I
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    2 x 2 Matrix to Rethink Parenting, Teaching, and Coaching

    In Angela Duckworth's latest book, Grit: the Power of Passion and Perseverance she shares a 2x2 matrix that invites us (as parents, teachers and coaches) to rethink the way to support our children and/or students. Daniel Pink, best selling au
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    Exposing and Exploring the Concept

    flickr photo shared by James Cridland under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license Bringing coding to a school that had yet to dabble in this area within any grade, I have set out for a fun challenge this year. With a background that has experimente