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    Visual Makeover

    This week had me thinking about the slideshows I have used this school year and if I had incorporated any of the “What is Good Presentation Design?” techniques and the answer would be “not really”.  I pondered on which slideshows actually re
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    Zenification of a Presentation

    In September of this year I was invited to present at the AppsEvents European Summit regarding Google Sites. In fact, I had two presentations: The Basics of Google Sites which I presented with my colleague Jags Myanger and Advanced Google Sites w
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    Too Many Apps for that!

    There are currently over 80,000 Educational Apps on the iTunes store. 80,000+ AMAZING, INTIMIDATING, DIFFERENT, SIMILAR, DAUNTING APPS to choose from and more are coming every day! Part of me wants to run out, explore and go for it. The other pa
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    New Presenting Tricks vs. Old Presenting Habits

    Hi folks! A few weeks ago I was contacted by a local co-working space in Phnom Penh, ImpactHub, about presenting during their recent Technology in Education meeting. One of their members had read about the Endangered Species Minecraft lesson I wor
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    Finding Photos is Easy. Crediting them is Hard(er)

    Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. -GUY KAWASAKI The above quote found at the bottom of the article, The State of Storytelling in the Internet Age. This sums up my efforts at putting together a blog post for this week.   I did a lot of r