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    A little bit of this and a little bit of that

    Taking a slight break from my focus on ePortfolios & course 5 project (not really--I was just earlier going over my workshop for Learning 2 in Warsaw next week), I thought I'd throw together a few things I've been working on/thinking about over t
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    Google Sites Just Got Really Good

    Eric Curts from Control Alt Achieve wrote: "Out of all the major Google tools, most people would agree that Google Sites has been the most overdue for an update. Yes, it is one of my favorite programs, and I have used it extensively to design webs
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    Zenification of a Presentation

    In September of this year I was invited to present at the AppsEvents European Summit regarding Google Sites. In fact, I had two presentations: The Basics of Google Sites which I presented with my colleague Jags Myanger and Advanced Google Sites w