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    Closing the Generation Gap: I clearly need more time

    Ugh. Yup, that about sums up my immediate response to this week's reads. From the moment Pong and Atari came out, from the hours my brother spent playing, and from the attempts made to find any interest in Donkey Kong... Gaming. Ugh. Not for me. No
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    Flipping and gaming

    Not very often have I left PD feeling  inspired but watching Paul Anderson teach my class did that very thing. He was at my school before Christmas as a consultant and was working with my science team on NGSS. He came into my class to model one the
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    Flipping out over Flipping Classrooms!

    Flipped Learning I had kind of been waiting during the Coetail course to get to grips with the idea of flipping the classroom. I was excited to learn more about it as I had heard mixed reports on its efficacy. The main question I wanted to answer