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    Video + Games (Based Learning)

    Hey folks! Following on with a previous post on challenge based learning in the PYP curriculum, I decided I'd tackle Games-based learning next. Perhaps unfortunately for me (or at least my COETAIL deadlines), I was also thinking about my upcoming
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    Making Learning a Game

    [caption id="attachment_177" align="alignnone" width="300"] CC0 Public Domain[/caption] Starting my teaching career as a Pre-K teacher opened my eyes to the benefits of play as a way to learn. The amount of knowledge my students learned from each
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    Playing to Learn

    Flipped Classroom For some reason, I’d always thought of a flipped classroom as a bit like that TV show “Flip This House.” It stopped airing back in 2009, but the general idea was that a person would cheaply buy a house that needed work done t
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    Technology, Classrooms, and the Library

    Technology as a SUPPORT to Curriculum Whenever I think of technology integration in the classroom, the big idea I need to remember is that technology should not be in addition to instruction but should actually “support… the curricular goals, an