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    GTL 3: Flip it, Blend it, Learn it

    I have been a big fan of the Flipped Learning model since I first encountered it on the COETAIL course, and it seems to dovetail seamlessly with the principles of the 'Lazy Teacher' espoused by Jim Smith, of which I am also a big fan. I understan
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    Welcome to Week 3: The Present

    I think what is important when thinking about course 4 is to choose pedagogies or teaching philosophies that speak to you and your own interests. Maybe you've been wondering about flipped learning for a while.  Or you're thinking about ch
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    Confusion and Indecision

    flickr photo shared by Virtual EyeSee under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license So it's the end of course 4 and time to think about the Course 5 project! I kind of can't believe we have reached this stage already, seems like my COETAIL journey ha