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    Tweaks and Improvements

    After our first #GBCreatingInnovators meeting I realized that going a month between meetings would be too long and I was afraid that our momentum might fade. I brainstormed ways to publicize our group and keep up the discussion open in the time betwe
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    Making Connections

    Exploring Connections to Making Connections When asked to giveĀ a title for my blog at the start of Coetail, I chose 'Exploring Connections'. This is my last post in the course, and it seems appropriate to entitle it 'Making Connections'. I hav
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    Drowning in a Sea of Possibilities

    Discovering Possibilities This week has been an adventure of discovering possibilities. Our objective this week which has stretched out for nearly two in my life was embed technology in our curriculum. As the self professed 'Luddite' that phrase cau