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    ePortfolio Prompts

    While researching the current application of ePortfolios in our schools a number of resources have been created by me and shared by others. Please feel free to add your own or use the ones available in your own classrooms. Prompt Cards: Below you
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    Fair Use or not?

    After a lot of reading, watching videos and discussion with colleagues I now have a much better understanding of what copyright means in the digital world and how little notice I have been taking of it. I guess I have been suffering from what many
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    Giving Credit

    I have to be honest my understanding of copyright and fair use are minimal at best.  I have tried to wrap my head around how to properly give attribution to images I use from the internet.  A few years ago, I didn't even bother but I now know it's
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    Copyright, Creative Commons and Elementary Teaching

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    Remix...a method to my madness

    [caption id="attachment_162" align="aligncenter" width="669"] CC by Englund[/caption]   Students have potentially access to an immense quantity of digital resources. Is this a real progress? To what extend is it going to help them improve
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    Resurfacing after a Dive in the Deep

    Resurfacing. End of school, start of school with a glorious summer bridging the gap. Time off to think a little more holistically. A bird's eye view. Oh thank goodness. Just like so many projects that I start, even with the best of intentions and