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    SAW the problem, SEE the solution

    flickr photo shared by thedailyenglishshow under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license Hi, Can't believe this is the final official blog of the COETAIL course. It has come around so quickly but has been a really enjoyable learning journey and I am
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    Opening the circle...

    Dr. Ron Ritchhart spent five days with us at ISL.   Wonderful notes on thinking from my table partner @RonRitchhart pic.twitter.com/EwPvQQjwaV — Tanya Irene (@irene_tanya) October 1, 2016 That, coupled with the critical mass of tea
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    ePortfolios - Ideas?

    How do YOU collate work for an E-PORTFOLIO? [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="304"] http://eportfolioleadershipteam.yolasite.com/resources/eportfolio_splash2.png.opt484x330o0,0s484x330.png[/caption]   In the past my school used a bl