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    Amplify with a video

      https://youtu.be/-lmqIYU0T9w   A video can have a real power of amplification. However, in order to really amplify and develop an effective communication, there are a certain number of parameters to pay attention to. One of th
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    Course 5 Project - Digital Storytelling

    The Project The inspiration for this unit came from some reading I was doing for course 3 on digital storytelling . I wanted to create an authentic assessment that allowed students to tap into 21st century skills. I wanted them to create a prod
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    Course 5 Final Project: Blended Learning

    [caption id="attachment_451" align="alignleft" width="300"] Ouroboros by Régine Debatty @ Flickr CC-BY-SA[/caption] Am I really there? Is this the end? Like the mythical Ouroboros that represents something constantly re-creating itself, an infinite
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    The Brilliance of Tim Burton

    Tim Burton is one of the most visionary and interesting digital story tellers. I find his work to be extremly individualistic, potent and powerful. However, Burton is not my favourite Director. Apparently Luc Besson is. Francis Ford Coppola, Stan
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    Back to school night revamped (Course 3 Final)

    After all the readings and learning about designing a good presentation, I decided early on that my final project was going to be redoing my back to school night presentation (This was fresh on my mind from the most recent back to school night in ear
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    My Own Private Hollywood...

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2880"] Jakob Owens ᔥ www.unsplash.com[/caption]   All the new information about graphic design including visual hierarchy, the importance of teaching digital/media literacy,  Presentation Zen, an
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    Explaining Stories in Strange and Wonderful Ways

    How could Digital Storytelling be used in my subject area, tech integration? Well, simply put: In Strange and Wonderful Ways. For a how-to of making these videos, please see my final project for COETAIL Course 3: Visual Literacy in the follow-up p
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    An attempt at digital storytelling

    Each week as I’ve read more about presentations, I continued to revamp and think about the back to school presentation I will fix up. This week was no different, however, after reading Holly Fraser’s post Finding My (Presentation) Zen, I began to
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    Creating a digital story for SPELTAC: Part 2

    Below is a video I created a while back to show the new EAL model we introduced at my school. It took me a long time to create, but I learned invaluable skills and am now much quicker at creating videos as a result. I will use the video I intend to c
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    Creating a digital story for SPELTAC: Part 1

    My final project for Course 3 will be creating a digital story, in the form of a promotional video that I can include on the website, for SPELTAC. In this blog post, I want to reflect on the things I want to include in this video: The message of
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    Storytelling Quests

    Excited to be presenting a shortened version of our Digital Storytelling Quests at the ISTE DSN Playground this month. Check out the original webinar here. Get the Quest Planning Sheet here.
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    Course 4 -  Final Project: 2 ideas

    I was comfortable with the use of technology in my classes and thought that I was tech savvy. Then, I started COETAIL… [caption id="attachment_418" align="aligncenter" width="483"] Storm clouds gathering by Zooey @ Flickr CC-BY-SA[/caption] T
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    COETAIL Final Project - Digital Story Telling and Kidblog Fun!

    Well folks....I am finished with my COETAIL course 5 project and here it is! I decided to work with my Grade 3 class on Digital Storytelling with a focus on imagined narratives about our Solar System. It fit perfectly with my current Unit of Inqui
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    A Visual Symphony!

    The final projects coming out of Course 3 are phenomenal! It is clearly evident that Course 3 has had a positive impact on your ability to rethink the nature of design in our lives and the effect it has on our communications. There is evidence of
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    Course 3 Final Project: Digital Poetrytelling

    Since completing the poetry unit with grade 7, which I wrote about for my Course 1 Final Project, I wondered if I could still do more with the visual component of the project.  I also wanted students to reach an even greater audience, to push studen
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    Looking To The Future – (Course 3 Final Project Reflection - Part I)

    This post will be in two parts. Course 3 was by far the most interesting in the courses that we’ve done so far. For that matter all the choices for the Final Project got me excited and initially I had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to d
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    Biography as Digital Storytelling

    Digital storytelling is one way I would love to incorporate digital and visual literacy into my classroom.  I have never given my students an assignment to create a video, although I have given the students some options with this in the past and hav
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    Let us hear your story in Japanese(*^_^*)

    When I first saw this topic "Digital storytelling", I was very clear that I wanted to do "Make a plan for a trip to Japan" in Year 6. However, after I read 7 Things you should know about Digital Storytelling, About Digital Storytelling and TELL ME
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    Hooking your audience...

    In my previous post I wrote about our “Changing the World” unit in Writer’s Workshop in which students are learning to write persuasive pieces. I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the culmination of the unit by creating a digital s
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    About me - Final project course 3

    This is the end of Course 3 already and that was my favourite course so far as this one was very practical and fun too! My takeaways from Course 3 were the Presentation Zen and the digital story telling. Perfect to use in language classroom!
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    Capturing Your Story

    [caption id="attachment_281" align="alignleft" width="321"] flickr photo by langwitches https://flickr.com/photos/langwitches/4342696757 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license[/caption] When researching digital storytelling this week,
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    Story Told!

    Once upon a time...   [caption id="attachment_326" align="aligncenter" width="763"] 70 penguins by Glen Scott @ Flickr CC-BY-NC[/caption]   No. It was on February 20th but it feels like long, long ago... I said I was going to create a pe
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    Tell Me a Story!

    Digital Storytelling in the Classroom I tried digital storytelling this year in my grade 2 art class.  Interestingly enough, it was the same unit that I referred to in my last blog post about presentation editing.  In previous years, we studied
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    Digital Storytelling - Don't Just Do It Because It's Cool

    When I began this assignment, I though digital storytelling was just making a video.Since I figured I didn't know much about this, I figured I had better start with the definition. According to the University of Houston's website "Educational Uses of
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    What's the Story?

    How could digital storytelling be used in your classroom/subject area? I like this question. My reaction is always use something, a tool or idea to extend learning or as an extension of learning. So I thought about where I could use digital story
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    The Digital Word

    How does one write a simple story anymore in this day and age of mashups, GIF's, iMovies, and of course the omnipresent, YouTube? It's hard to believe that writers of simple books, i.e. words on a page, are even still sought after by publishing compa
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    Digital Storytelling

    So much awesome reading for this week's assignment. It really struck me how time consuming it all can be. This week, I did what I normally do NOT do: I read other's blogs on this week's prompt. This was cool to do, but it also opened up another wormh
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    Changing the World through Digital Storytelling

    Our current Writer’s Workshop unit in Grade 3 is centered around persuasive pieces in which students are urging their audience to Change the World for the better. To get students started they were asked to think about, “What is a topic they feel
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    Tell A New Story

    These days it couldn’t be any easier to share a story with the world. Yet, we must ask ourselves, why is it important to share our stories with others? In 2014, at least 300 hours of new videos were uploaded to YouTube every minute, and I would ima
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    Hello. My name is Lauren and I love infographics

    Photo Credit: latddotcom via Compfight cc Finally! When I read this weeks task I was instantly excited. It just so happens that the final project for our Sharing the Planet unit was for students to create a visual representation to show their und
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    Digital [Stories, Essays, Reflections, Endless Possibilities]

    I write this post as I listen to my husband marking his formative IOCs (Individual Oral Commentary) for his DP Language and Literature class. The students are meant to talk for at least 5 minutes about a passage from Macbeth. As I listen to each one
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    Telling Stories in a New Way

    Me and my Lazy Eyes I took forever to post because I was under the impression that we had to make a video for this week. Math Night at our school is coming up and I am putting together a movie for that. I was thinking of using that but I was also wo
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    Digital Storytelling isn't THAT Scary

    Photo Credit: Scabeater via Flickr cc Taking a step back I have been putting off this weeks blog post because the idea of digital storytelling in my grade 1 class seemed daunting to me. I needed inspiration. I needed motivation. I needed....to te
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    Digital storytelling in biology?

    [caption id="attachment_285" align="alignleft" width="404"] Image found at: Langwitches[/caption] This week I struggled with what the difference was between digital storytelling and an animation or video I'd show my kids in class. Aren't all the
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    Digital Stories

    Charles Dickens wrote some of his works as serials in newspapers. The story developed week by week.  The connection: Blogs are posted each week, often without knowing how the story will end. An example: Look at Adrian Meier Futureworks. This