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    Oldie but Goodie?

    After reading, “Shaping Tech for the Classroom” by Mark Prensky, I realized I am a technology teacher who pushes “old things in old ways” onto students and teachers.  In my mind and in the moment I think I am creating “old things in new wa
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    The Storyteller's Mindset

    This week, I was thrilled to find the original 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book series still selling online.  My nephew's birthday is around the corner, and they will make a wonderful gift for the strong reader he is becoming.  You may have already
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    Our Collective Imagination

    @johndalesio I believe in you, John. If anyone has something to say, it's you. — Valerie Koch (@valerie_koch) May 24, 2016 On one cloudy Tuesday afternoon, six teachers skipped lunch, and instead had some thought for food.  Using Sonya ter
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    Process-Based Learning

    Thinking Further Many thanks to Tanya Irene for her comment on my Problem, Project and Challenge Based Learning, which inspired me to think further. Here's where I've got to.....
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    Ways to Reduce Our Plastic Footprint Using Design Thinking Model

    For Earth Week, I organized week-long, K-8 presentations around the theme of using the Design Thinking model in order to look for ideas to solve the global plastic plague. I incorporated Padlet as a trailhead for teachers and community to v
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    Infographics = Learning Mashups

    While I attending and presenting at the European Conference on iPads in Education recently, the collective group of us, began to ponder the very subtle but seemingly distinct meaning between App Smashing and Apps Mashing. We recognized that although