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    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    Migration I am currently teaching a migration unit in social studies.  To help students make connections with the different concepts and academic vocabulary, we invited adult volunteers, teachers and parents, to come in and share their migration
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    A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods totally blew my mind! I was reading through Recommended Readings and figuring out what is infographic and data visualization. When I open this page, I was like "What is this science chart or something? Hold
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    Drawn to Data

    The artist in me couldn't help but admire the impressive data visualization of Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec who document their cross-continent data analysis and relationship on their 'Dear Data' website. Until I stumbled upon it, I felt pretty
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    Infographics in the World of Language and Literature

    Data visualization is an essential element of visual literacy.  I typically find myself utilizing data visualization in my classroom through mind maps, timelines, flow charts, and venn diagrams.  I often assign my students data visualization tasks
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    Infographics in language classroom

    What’s an infographic? Before preparing for this post, an infographic was for me an editorial infographic or a data visualization, like a lot of numbers put into a picture to make it easy to read. The value of visualization video really helps m
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    Course 3 Week 5 - Making Connections.

    Making Connections It's been great to see people make the connections between the different ideas of the first few courses as we movr through course 3. Just some things that have stuck out for me As we talk about Digital Storytelling, many