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    Remodeling My Life Course 3 Project

    After looking through the Course 3 Project options, I decided on creating a new CV or resume using the CRAP principles I learned over the course.  I have not updated my CV for several years and it definitely shows.  My husband and I are planning to
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    Presentation simplification

    It is that time of year again. PYP Exhibition began this week. The next 7 weeks will have many ups and downs both for the students and myself but it will all be worth it when we get to X-Day on April 13th and the students will be able to share their
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    Visual Upgrade

    Awareness affects perception. That for me has been the key learning this week.  When you read the readings of this week you think “well that’s common sense”. Then you have a look at a presentation you have made and it rams home the concept
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    A strong image can convey a powerful message

    My students were presenting their personal inquiry projects that had been inspired by the reading of Breaking Stalin's Nose by Eugene Yelchin. They had identified themes and ideas inspired by the book and were inquiring into them; Young Pioneers, Sta
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    Investigating CRAP

    Wow- was I out of my depth this week. Up until now in COETAIL I've felt relatively confident- I understand the writing part of blogging, of course the teaching part of teaching, and the technological elements felt just close enough out of my zone o