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    Course 4 Final Project - Decisions, Decisions...

    It is hard to believe that Course 4 is already over.  Throughout this part of the course I have been reflecting on two main ideas that I have always wanted to try in my classroom, one centered on the principles of SAMR, and the other revolving aroun
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    Course 4 Final Project

    For my Course 4 Final Project, I am planning on using a new approach next year when I teach about the Phases of Matter to my 8th grade Physical Science students for the Course 5 Project. [caption id="attachment_249" align="aligncenter" width="300"
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    Course 4 Final Project: Connectivism and Collaboration

    I have been gathering thoughts about what will I do for Course 5 Final project...And like always I got stuck...While I've been looking for some inspirations for the project, I found New Education Expo, and 一人一台i Pad and I realized many schoo