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    Course 3 Final Project

    As Course 3 drew to an end, I started really reflecting on all the great forms of visual literacy I have considered over the last few weeks.  When I initially learned of the content of the course, I admit I breathed a sigh of relief since I feel lik
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    Course 3 Final Project: Enthusiastic Japanese Teacher!

    Yay!!!!!! Finish making Visual CV! It was really great opportunity to learn about graphic design in this Course 3. In my final project for this course, I was straight to choose making Infographic Resume. I use to attach my lesson lookbook, addition
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    Course 3 Final Project - Revised Presentation

    For my Course 3 final project, I decided to act upon my week 3 blog post regarding the changes I would like to make to a presentation.  Since I typically use either Google Slides or PowerPoint for my presentations in class, I wanted to stick to one