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    At the finishing line…

    Phew!!! It’s that time! We’re done! What a journey! Change is good For myself it has been quite a transformation. If you had asked me at the beginning of this course if I could do all that I am able to do now, I would have had a hearty laugh
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    connecting learning...

    I love John Dewey's quote about learning from reflecting on our experiences and firmly believe in it. But I am taking it a step further – we don’t just learn from our experiences, when we engage in this amazing community, we learn from others as
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    Developing my #PLN

    I have decided to take a more rudderless approach to community engagement and simply do my best to use social media tools, with a focus on Twitter, to develop my PLN. I also explored using Facebook and Google Hangouts as ways to connect with other te
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    Silence isn't Golden.

    Speak Out Why do we see digital learning spaces any differently than physical? What is it about social media platforms like Twitter and Google+ that cause us to hesitate and resist sharing ideas, providing feedback and engaging in professional dis
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    Community Engagement Post (Required)

    There seems to be a little bit of confusion around the Community Engagement Post that Brandon and I would like to help clear up. Your Community Engagement Post is completely separate to your Course 5 Final Project.  It is not an expectation tha