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    Little Digital Citizens

    I am the technology teacher at my school and digital citizenship is a major component of my curriculum.  My students are K-2 so our lessons are centered around the “lighter” side of digital citizenship. It’s an introduction on how to appropria
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    Just Because You Can - Doesn't Mean You Should

    Is there a difference between being a  good citizen and being a good digital citizen.  I often start digital citizenship discussion with this question.  It doesn't take long for the students to agree they are in fact the same thing but in two
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    Resurfacing after a Dive in the Deep

    Resurfacing. End of school, start of school with a glorious summer bridging the gap. Time off to think a little more holistically. A bird's eye view. Oh thank goodness. Just like so many projects that I start, even with the best of intentions and
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    The Responsible Use of Technology (RUA)

    E&A Publishing House bring you the 3 Keys to the Responsible Use of Technology! [caption id="attachment_224" align="aligncenter" width="595"] E&A's Responsible Use Agreement is perfectly suited to Primary & Middle School Students[/captio
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    Tech. in the Classroom I’m not currently in a classroom, and oh, how I miss it! No, not the grading, the lesson plan writing, the behavioral issues, the constant repeating of instructions, reminders to do this or that. But I do miss the glow of ex
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    Universal Borderless Patrol

    [caption id="attachment_206" align="aligncenter" width="575"] Border crossing: South Tyrol - Switzerland. 2295m above sea level by Gerhard Haindl[/caption] Wouldn’t that be an interesting occupation? Flipping the concept of independent nations o