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    Projects, Problems and Challenges

    Activities within a classroom are designed to give learners the best opportunity to acquire  knowledge and apply understanding. In the same vein that we teach that mathematical strategies are comparable to a technician’s tool belt, to be used at a
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    Variations of Projects Key to Student Learning

    Not being a military man, acronyms often confuse me. I find it tough to keep track of all the acronyms we come across in education: SIOP (sheltered instruction observation protocol), CALP and BICS (cognitive academic language proficiency and ba
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    Motivating Students to "Do the Work" of Learning

    Edu-speak is a language in which I am building my fluency. When I initially looked at this week’s reading, I thought: “ah, this will be a good review. I already know all about Project Based Learning and...yea, those other two.” Turns out, I am
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    Challenging Students to Lead and Succeed

    Finding the best way to guide learning makes a huge difference in the outcomes for students. In my ECE Art room, I look for ways to pass ownership to my youngsters, while still providing structure and skills. I aim to teach about cultural perspective
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    Project, Problem, and Challenge Based Learning in the High School Classroom

    Project, Problem, and Challenge Based Learning are three important theories or methodologies to inspire learning within our classroom.  These three methods are a clear break-away from what we think of as traditional education by utilizing inquiry as