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    PBL-CBL-PBL The Acronyms to Creating 21-Century Livelong Learning

    Ah... the acronym! Education's favorite jargon tool! But what is the difference between Project, Problem, and Challenge based learning? They all share commonalities and they each strive to enable a student-centered, collaborative approach to learni
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    Fit for the future

    As I go through the readings that were provided for this Unit, I found the one goals that all the types of learning presented (Project-Based Learning, Challenge-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning) are trying to achieve for our students. That is,
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    Independence & Inquiry

    Independence and inquiry are two traits that I strive to develop in my students as they are skills that I believe will allow them to be successful in the real world. For many students, becoming independent and being given the freedom to inquire does