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    Course 5 Final Project: Making Connections

    Here is my final project video (sorry for the length). https://youtu.be/Z1Ft-zB5RTg My unit ended up being more of an introduction to making connections and blogging. It is something we will be working on all year long. If you are interested
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    Opening the circle...

    Dr. Ron Ritchhart spent five days with us at ISL.   Wonderful notes on thinking from my table partner @RonRitchhart pic.twitter.com/EwPvQQjwaV — Tanya Irene (@irene_tanya) October 1, 2016 That, coupled with the critical mass of tea
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    Extreme Graphic Design Makeover (Part 2 - Analysis)

    This is part two of a three-part blog post. In part one, I discussed a growing (self) consciousness of my developing visual literacy. In this part, I will analyse my professional teaching blog and blog posts in terms of what Brandon Jones calls t
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    Digital Storytelling in 8th Grade Science

    (Isn’t the hardest part of writing formulating the idea? It is for me, including this post. I knew the question that I needed to address and where I thought I would go with my response. I had made an outline of notes and thought about filling in th
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    It Takes a Facebook Village

    I knew what I wanted to do for my community involvement aspect of Course 5.  I had decided to link it to my final project because my project leant itself very well to global collaboration.  Therefore, I decided to use my PLN to help me share a goog