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    What to do with Your Blog after COETAIL

    We often get asked what COETAIL graduates should do with their COETAIL blog. That, dear COETAIL friends is completely up to you! The blog is yours, the data is yours. You have admin rights to your blog and so with that, you have full control over
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    Course 5 Final Project: Making Connections

    Here is my final project video (sorry for the length). https://youtu.be/Z1Ft-zB5RTg My unit ended up being more of an introduction to making connections and blogging. It is something we will be working on all year long. If you are interested
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    Opening the circle...

    Dr. Ron Ritchhart spent five days with us at ISL.   Wonderful notes on thinking from my table partner @RonRitchhart pic.twitter.com/EwPvQQjwaV — Tanya Irene (@irene_tanya) October 1, 2016 That, coupled with the critical mass of tea
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    Extreme Graphic Design Makeover (Part 2 - Analysis)

    This is part two of a three-part blog post. In part one, I discussed a growing (self) consciousness of my developing visual literacy. In this part, I will analyse my professional teaching blog and blog posts in terms of what Brandon Jones calls t