Moving into Course 2

Course 2 officially starts today, but I wanted to look back a bit before looking forward.You guys put together some really cool units and resources for these final projects, so I put them together in a little collection using eLink. I hope you’ll find some time to browse through them all at some point.

Reflecting & Reminders

Course 1 presented some challenges to us all with the summer time start. Thanks to all of you for keeping communication lines open when you knew you would be behind on assignments due to travel or just time away from connectivity. I encourage you all to look ahead as the school year begins at both the courses and your commitments to try to plan how you’ll keep on top of the next set of assignments. Posting to your blog and commenting on your peers’ posts each week helps to create a conversation within the cohort and is a key element of the learning process.

Course 2 Begins

So now we’re off and running on our 2nd course. This one was a favorite for me and really made me think. We’ll explore our digital footprints, what it means to be a digital citizen, copyright laws and creative commons licensing. You’ll continue to develop your learning network and find a way to collaborate with other members of the cohort for your final project.

reading-glasses-1460521_640While everyone’s course 1 projects and most posts, focused on the classroom, I encourage you to begin thinking during this course how you will leverage your learning as a trainer of your peers. Part of the Google for Education Trainer program is providing a series of trainings throughout the year (once your become a certified). It will be important to look at the information through the lenses of both a teacher and a trainer. We will try to help remind you of this through suggested writings, reading and tasks.


We’ve made some updates to this course and you may still see a few changes along the way. If you have questions, ask. If you see something that looks askew, it may be getting an update. Let me know if you find issues.

I’m looking forward to another great course!

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