Coetail Coaches for Online 7!

Experienced Coetail graduates have the opportunity to stay involved in the community and continue to offer their expertise as Coetail Coaches. We’re very fortunate to have two talented and experienced coaches join our cohort (and possibly three for Course 2!). So if you see them posting comments or presenting thought-provoking questions, please know they’re here to help! Here they are:

Jason Graham

Jason Graham is an international educator with over 17 years experience. He is currently the Learning Technologies Coordinator at an international school in Indonesia. Jason is an IBPYP Workshop Leader and an IB Online Lead Facilitator and has a keen interest in connecting and collaborating with educators from around the globe. Jason enjoys presenting at conferences and learning from others whenever he can. He is in his second year of a Doctor of Education programme at an Australian University.

Furthermore, Jason is the moderator for two twitter chats, #pypchat mainly for PYP educators and also #satchatoc, a twitter chat for educational leaders. He also enjoys using technology to enhance student learning and is now dabbling in Design Thinking. Jason’s work can be found in many online spaces. He blogs at The Learning Journey and tweets from @jasongraham99.


Liz Cho

Liz Cho is a bilingual Korean-American from DC, the youngest of four, and an educator since 2004 and is currently the Director of Curriculum at Gyeonggi Suwon International School. Before that, she was a high school English teacher for 12 years and a leader in various positions, passionate about inspiring students and teachers to care, empower, and engage meaningfully with the world around them. She is an avid believer in the importance of genuine reflection for growth and is fully dedicated to breaking the misconception that “reflection is boring”. Taking the COETAIL course has empowered her to become confident with technology integration in her lessons and presentations. With the constant support of her colleagues and students, Liz finds success in learning alongside them. She also loves to silk, hoop and kickbox whenever she finds the time.

Links to her full professional bio and blogs can be found on lizcho.organd she tweets as @cho_liz.

3 thoughts on “Coetail Coaches for Online 7!

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  2. Peter Reid @ 2016/10/04


    I gather that I have missed the September start date. I am interested in joining the next COETAIL cohort as my prospective employer thinks it will be valuable for me to get up to speed with information literacy and educational technology. My role will be that of a digital literacy instructor – my function would be primarily to work with teachers and help them realize their curricular goals while integrating technology and access to information in a valuable and meaningful way. When will the next cohort become available? Thanks in advance.

    1. Profile photo of Brandon Hoover

      Hi Peter, please contact Daneah Galloway to know more about the program and the dates for the next cohort.


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