My Grade 9 English team had the pleasure of teaching Gareth Hind’s beautiful graphic novel The Odyssey last quarter, which was super fun.

In reading the text, we introduced the students to graphic novel terminology in order to boost their literary analysis skills. We were also focusing on oral presentation skills, and decided to assign particular pages to each student to “teach back” to the class [Called a “Teach Back!”].


I wanted to do a screencast to model for my students how to do a “Teach Back,” but wasn’t keen to use QuickTime. After a quick search, I looked at this list of other possibilities, and chose Screencastify, because it is a Chrome app, and I know how easy most Chrome apps are to use.

I quickly tested it out and created this screen cast–in one shot!

There are some pros and cons to Screencastify–the major pro in my opinion is that you can save right to YouTube–super convenient!  The major con is that you are unable to download the videos, which is a bummer because I wanted to use it for my final project. BUT–for a quick lesson in class, it is free, easy to use, and quick.

I have used the application since for personal reasons (my son reading a book on RazKids for my parents), and again found it super easy. I highly recommend!

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on “Screencastify
One Comment on “Screencastify
  1. Screencastify is fast becoming a fav “go-to” tool for me – it’s especially good for schools with chromebooks AND it can videos directly to Google Drive. This makes it super easy to share with people (aka your teacher) which makes it even more perfect for quick video reflections!

    Thanks for sharing how you use it and reiterating how easy it is to use!

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